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A woman researcher on an international scale, the sociologist asked women a question in various countries of the world. What do you do if you catch your husband with another woman ???

The answers to the question are given by countries:

Swede: I ask what I don’t like.
Russian: I leave the house.
French: I don’t want to take my voice, go to my boyfriend, I want him to comfort me.
Italian: I shoot the woman.
Spanish: I shoot my husband.
Greek: I shoot both of them.
Turkish: My husband does not!

Deceit may be the most important agenda item of bilateral human relations from past to present. No one starts to deceive or deceive a relationship, but it is also a fact that most relationships are under the influence of the concept of deception. Especially the famous spouses who cheated each other in the press to create the agenda items, we watched the cinema films, read the spread of the theme of deception until we have brought us to question our bilateral relations.

Emotional and Sexual Deception
A lot of scientific studies have been carried out on the subject of deception.
Emotional deception and sexual deception are divided into two.

While having sexual intercourse with someone else while having an ongoing relationship is defined as baş sexual deception bir, it is defined as baş emotional deception bir while experiencing a relationship with another person, experiencing an emotional affinity, falling in love with someone else, and private sharing with another.
However, there is no such thing as söz Sexual deception between spouses is not important, emotional deception is important Ancak. Because sexual deception will cause weakening or breaking of emotional ties between spouses. If spouses are married and have children, most children will suffer.

What are the reasons for cheating? Why do spouses need to deceive each other?

• First of all, we can say that couples, after tendency to blame each other, gave rise to deceit. The reasons for the deception are the absence of the expected share in the relationship, complaining of the lack of interest, lack of trust in the spouse, and the absence of a future together.

• As the second reason, we can say ı social structure •. Being with a few women / adolescents in adolescence, not being satisfied before marriage, having a marital marriage, being married at an early age, or being raised in a conservative environment can lead to the desire to get satisfaction in the person due to relief after the marriage and the person can be dragged towards cheating his wife.

• Thirdly, biçim not saying no leri, not being able to say al stop ifade to yourself or to others can be called a form of defense, especially in which men express themselves in this way after deceiving their wives.

• It is one of the reasons of la sexual deception kadınlar, especially for men with women who do not want to have sexual intercourse before marriage, and with other women to meet their sexual needs.

• A person who is bored of the routine and thinks that the relationship is monotonous may also tend to deceive. Seeking innovation, fun and excitement can lead the person out. This is the reason why many marriages, which have lasted for many years and resulted in deceit, are deceived.

• If the subject is the cause of deception, it should not be omitted. Particularly when one side is angry with the other, or when the learner is acting with pride, not to be on the bottom.

Can we understand that we’re being cheated?
When our wife’s interest in us is noticeably lessened, we immediately think and act according to the idea of ​​hayat my wife is no longer interested in me, there is someone in her life Eş. We produce a number of conspiracy theories in our heads and we go after them like a detective. But this is extremely wrong. Because a serious issue such as deception can not be evaluated over possibilities. We must have concrete evidence. If there is any concrete evidence, it should be considered cool. The person who is deceived must definitely feel unfair, but he should measure and weigh his own behavior while accusing the other party.

In addition to the reduction of interest, the person must prejudice that he is cheated or deceived. Because love is an important element in marriage, and if there are significant concrete indications that the person is being deceived, then one can prevent and foresee it. Because cheating consists of processes, usually does not happen at a time, and the earlier it is recognized, the more likely it is to turn around. However, the person should be cautious when dealing with the situation in which his wife has the potential to be deceitful, and should not be approached with an anger or jealousy. He should allow his wife to think for himself instead, thus empathizing with him. They should avoid judicial, dissenting or critical sentences while maintaining the communication, and they should build sentences that will bring their feelings to the forefront.


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