10 Famous People Ruined By Drugs





Philip Seymour Hoffman, the last victim of drug addiction, who has become an epidemic in Hollywood, cannot be stopped. But so far, many celebrities’ lives have become darker because of this habit. There were even those who sold their own body to find drugs. Despite all these treatments, these addictions can not get rid of even 30 years without even seeing the death or drugs to spend the wealth of the famous stories of celebrities.

Corey Monteith

He was only 31 years old when he was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver. Glee ‘s reputation on the last night before the actor became out of the room alone after he had gone out … And the last breath of his next to the nobody had no one next to the autopsy. In the room where the actor stayed, there were two empty champagne bottles and the remains of drugs. A further piece of information in the report suggests that Monteith had undergone rehabilitation treatment in the past and was using drugs intermittently.

Whithey Houston

I am a memorable one with the song I Will Always Love You, Houston was found dead in a hotel room in the USA in 2012 Houston ” accidental drowning ” appeared in the lifeless body tub. However, the drug had an effect on this death. HOuston, who died at the age of 45, had cocaine and cannabis as well as antidepressant and antihistaminic drugs in his blood.

She’s a member of the Sex Pistols group. He was also the victim of an overdose. He found the hotel in a hotel room.

He was only 21 when he died.

Music idol of the 70s. He was one of the best vocals in the world.

He died from an overdose at the age of 27 in 1970.


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