Breast reduction (Non-surgical breast reduction)
Breast reduction movements are a very effective formula for women who complain about the size of their breasts but do not want to lie under the knife. What are the breast reduction movements? Here is a simple and detailed explanation of breast reduction movements İşte

Breast reduction is a highly sought after exercise. Breast reduction movements, which are effective exercises for those who are disturbed by both the obstruction of their daily movements and their health effects, are also an important preference for those who do not want to have plastic surgery.

If you are uncomfortable with the size of your breasts, you can find the ideal form for your breasts with a few simple movements at any time and place.

What are the problems of the large chest?
Generally, large breasts are thought to be a desired feature, but the disadvantages of being big breasted are quite high.
* May cause physical discomfort. (Waist neck and back pain)
* You can’t see and wear every outfit you like.
* If you have big breasts in your clothes, the small decolletage is very attractive.
* Causes hunchback.
* Causes discomfort with sweating.
* Difficulty in doing sport activities.
* Your favorite necklace does not stop in the same way.

What are the breast reduction movements?
Effective for those who want to shrink their breasts without going to the operating table, these movements are quite simple.

First exercise:
First of all you should have two pounds of weight. You can do this by filling water into a pet bottle. Lie on a flat back on your back. Take weights with your hand facing the body. Move the weights up and down. And your muscles.

You can make 4 sets with 15 pieces.

Illustrated belly melting exercises
Second exercise:
Reach on a flat surface and take up the weights. Then open your arms and close them again. Stand for 2 seconds each time your arms touch your body. Try to tighten your chest muscles while doing so.

This exercise can be made in the form of 4 sets of 15.

You need to pay attention to doing this exercise three times a day and the specified amount to do.


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