10 REAL Kids Born With Unbelievable Features




“Pigmented” stains on the skin of the cells that give the color of the skin, or the expansion or expansion of the blood vessels that are called “vascular” said that the Senses, said: “One of the pigmented spots are benesdir. Little moles have no danger in the future, they don’t get lost, they go on for life, there are some great moles that can be life-threatening, like the cancer, the doctor has to follow. It is useful to follow up periodically. There can be coffee stains with milk. Baby’s stains can be seen in the color of the coffee with milk. These are mostly one or two. They remain for life but have no significance and no harm. ”

“Must be checked if the number of stains is too high”
Şenses, birthmark is a situation that should be taken into account that the excess.

“If four or more birthmarks in the future, ” neurofibramatosis (anywhere in the body that can prepare the ground for tumor development, bone and skin, such as hereditary disease that can affect the tissues) ” We can cause the disease,” said Shenses, said: ‘Neurofibramatosis’ can cause brain stiffness, developmental retardation, seizure in children. The presence of stains in a child born with two stains is an important sign for neurofibramatosis.

Usually in the tail, in the waist and hips 2-3 centimeters in size, occasionally can cover the larger area, purple, black skin surface may be smooth spots. These are often seen in East Asia, called ‘mongol spots’. These spots, which are frequently seen in our country, can also be on the shoulders. These stains don’t matter. They disappear in a few years. Occasionally it can be seen until adolescence. You don’t mind if he’s benign and just disappeared. ”

Hemangiomas are more common in girls
Şenses, vascular stains, or increase of the vessel is caused by the increase.

“Strawberries” called “hemangiomas” on the skin surface red bumps and deep layers in the form of blue colored stripes may be in the form of Şenses, said:

“We see hemangiomas in girls more than in girls. They do not harm. In the first year they are growing. They begin to shrink after the first year. They are also disappearing in 10 years. They do not cure. They have some conditions that require treatment. In these cases, we are starting to take medication. Ş Hemangiomas are tumors. They are benign, self-disappearing, and the most common tumor in children.

Salmon, stork bite, angel kiss
Wound stains in the form of the expansion of the “salmon, stork bite and angel kissing” that describes the glow, such spots are very common in newborn babies, he said.

Şenses completed his words as follows:

“It is mostly forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and neck. It is a color change due to vessel enlargement. It is given the name because it is salmon color. They usually cover small areas. The difference between the two is that the wine stain is slightly larger, the boundaries of which are indistinct and indented… Wine stains are permanent and harmless, but they can be associated with some diseases.

When we keep the eyelids, face and forehead together, they cause seizures in the brain and are able to retard development stages. It is useful to take the doctor to the eye when the eyelid and forehead are held in the wine stain. Eye conditions should be shown to the eye doctor. In hemangiomas, strawberry stains need to be treated when vital sites are involved. A wine stain in some cases. “


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