10 Weirdest Marriages That Actually Happened!




What is marriage?

Marriage promises that two people will be next to each other in health in sickness, good day and bad day, together with the official nature. Before marriage, couples should ask themselves and each other the question? What is marriage? Çift. Because the answers they will give will be the cornerstones of the common life they will build. The question of dır What is marriage? Ild does not have to give the same answers to couples, but their opinions should be in parallel. If they are completely opposed, they will wait for them.

The secret of happy marriage is hidden in the answers to the question ”What is marriage? Mutlu
Couples on the eve of this decision to ask themselves this question and when they want to tear a paper on their own answers to their own answers are great. Knowing the answers to the questions of a person thinking about marriage will be decisive for taking the right steps:

-Why do I want to get married?

– What are my reservations about marriage?

– What’s my biggest fear of marriage?

What do I want to change in my life?

-What can I change in my life after my marriage?

If the negative answers are in the majority, the person is not ready for marriage and should stop marrying when the road is close. But you should give yourself the opportunity to think. Because pre-marital stress may cause negative thinking. As a result, couples must answer the question us What is marriage?? At least against them.


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