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Hip Enlargement Esthetics Surgery & Brazilian Hip
The hip enlargement (butt enlargement) aesthetics is planned in two ways for the smaller buttocks. In the first technique, fats from other parts of the body (back, waist and belly) are injected into the butt. This method is also known as Brazilian Aesthetics (Brasilian Butt Lift – BBL). If a sufficient amount of fat is not found in the patient, butt enlargement is performed with the help of the second method, the silicone butt prosthesis. Contrary to the breast, the small hips to be full of textile products are not successful, it is not possible to camouflage the current problem. If you are experiencing such a problem, one of these two methods will make you happy and lasting.

In addition to these two methods that have been proven to be successful in the world, in some centers, padding with fillings is also performed. We do not apply the butt enlargement process with the filler (buttock filler) because the fillers used in the market for this purpose do not already have FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval. In other words, the fillers used for butt are not proven products yet.

Hip Enlargement with Fat Injection (Butt Enlargement) / Formatting – Brazilian Hip
While planning the hip aesthetics, we aimed to capture the shape of the hips and buttocks (butt) by clarifying the waist and hip distinction we aimed at. Can we get a thin waist and full rounded buttocks by taking the fat from the abdomen, waist and back areas and transferring them to the butt?

Of course, all the excess fats in the waist, abdomen and back are taken by liposuction method and passed through some filtration processes and transferred to the flat hips and narrow neck regions in a controlled manner. With this fat transfer, the hip enlargement is completed. Brazilian Butt Lift (Brazilian Butt Lift) also known as this method with a full and large hips while the same session of the waist and belly around you get rid of fat.

Some of the injected oils melt, but at the end of the first year, 60% of the injected volume remains in the body. The transfer can be repeated as long as you have a sufficient amount of fat in your body. Oil injection can also be used for butt sagging, butt shaping and butt lifting. After this operation with small millimetric incisions, there will be no visible trace.

Buttock Enlargement with Silicone Buttock Prosthesis
The only solution for small butt enlargement and butt straightening is not fat transfer. Especially if there is not enough fat in the body, it is increased with the help of hip silicone butt prosthesis.

Buttock silicone is the only anatomically designed silicone with the same content as the silicone used in the breast. This silicone butt prosthesis is inserted into the butt muscles with a small incision in the tail cavity. These prostheses placed inside the muscles are not felt from the outside or when touched. Because the incision is in the tail, there will be no visible traces. Designed with advanced biological properties and advanced technology, butt silicone sealants stay in your body until the end of your life. It is clearly known that scientific and medical researches do not lead to a situation that may adversely affect health.

Who are eligible candidates for hip enlargement?
If you have an amorphous and non-aesthetic view of the buttocks, you get comments about this image from your surroundings and most importantly, if you feel unhappy, you can get a new look thanks to the butt aesthetics.

The result of genetic inheritance with hip enlargement aesthetics and structurally large hip, excess weight loss or loose weight due to losing weight due to drooping / low hip, irregular hip problems can be corrected on the side can be corrected.

How is hip enlargement surgery planned?
When planning hip enlargement surgery, different techniques are used depending on the person’s health and expectation. The aim of the planning is to obtain a cosmetic image that is compatible with the body. After the patient’s expectation, general health status is evaluated in detail, your doctor will make you happy by combining his / her esthetic insight and his / her experience in such operations. Whichever technique is applied, the operation should be performed under general anesthesia and in a fully developed hospital.

Can hip surgery (butt enlargement) be combined with other aesthetic surgeries?
All hip aesthetics operations can be combined with other aesthetic surgeries. Even in most butt aesthetics operations, liposuction is performed as standard.




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