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Interesting information about hair and function of hair in the underarms and genitals

Friction Reducing Effect
One of these theories is the friction-reducing effect of hair. The arms and legs are the most moving parts of the body. Due to the damp and non-slippery nature of the skin, it is easier to irritate the movement due to friction. The hairs of the armpits and the genital region prevent this friction and prevent the skin from being damaged. Likewise, during sexual intercourse, the friction between your partner and you will be reduced due to the hairs of the genital area and the tissue in your genital region is prevented from being damaged.

Protection from external factors
One of the most known reasons for the presence of genital area hairs is the protection against external factors. Especially in women, the vagina is protected from external influences caused by external factors in the genital area hair, men have no function to protect the urethra. In women, such as eyebrows and eyelashes that protect the eye or nose hairs that protect the nose, the vagina of the body to protect the hair in the genital area.

Partner selection
One of the theories put forward about the hairs of the underarms and genitalia is that it increases the chances of being chosen by the opposite sex. Unlike our hair that begins to emerge from birth, the hairs of the armpits and thick genital area begin to appear in adolescence. In the same period, sweat glands called apocrine also become active and secrete an oily liquid containing protein. These glands, especially in the armpit and in the genital area during adolescence, work just like the other sweat glands in our body and are spread throughout the body. From the 50s onwards, these secretions and hairs, which affect the opposite sex, are significantly reduced. This confirms the theory that hairs in the armpits and the genital area may have a function in attracting and finding partners.

Interesting information about the hairs of the underarms and genitalia:
Shaving the hairs in the genital area, an application since ancient Egypt. For hygienic reasons in the 15th century, many women were cutting hairs in the genital areas. They were the biggest problem they were trying to survive.
In the 19th century, the British took the body hair removal to a different level. At this time, it was a tradition to cut the hairs in your genital area to give to your favorite human. In fact, men usually wear these feathers in their hats or collect the hairs they collected from different lovers. For example, King George IV was collecting the feathers he collected from different lovers in a snuff box. This box full of hairs of the genital area, is currently in St. Petersburg. He’s protected at Andrews University.


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