25 Life Hacks Every Mom Should Know





My mother always said, “When you have a mother, you will understand.” He was right. When a human becomes a mother, she understands better that big love and anxiety her mother feels. As a child, I could always understand the love and sensitivity of a child to his mother, but that huge love for a mother’s child was meaningless. Until she became a mother. That’s exactly what it means here.

I was always worried about having kids. Concerns about myself and concerns about the world we live in. All these worries are not over, of course, but at least for a while. After 38 weeks of pleasant and pampered pregnancy, I took my son Aren. A weeping, pink and tiny baby, and a trembling mother.

It’s been 22 days since Aren joined us. Still confused, insecure and shy. I’m trying to get used to Aren, Aren is trying to get used to me and we’re connecting to each other. Suddenly, it’s a little thing I’ve put into my life and above all. A life that changes suddenly. It was difficult to be promoted to motherhood as the youngest child of the house. Sleepless nights, 2-3 hours of breastfeeding sessions, dressing tiny clothes to the tiny body. In the end, every time a newbie is left in a sweat and mother and a little baby are in the sweat.

Some things are instinctive, but I’m learning motherhood from my mother. Mom, if you try to be a self-confident mother, she gives the boy tips about mommy. Well, motherhood, I guess. No matter how old the child is, the mother is always a mother and a child. Always protective, possessive, self-comfort, compromise of sleep.


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