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Fear is expressed in the meaning of the dictionary ile anxiety, sadness, possibility of danger, danger edil emerges. On the website of the TDK, the approach of fear to the definition of fear is described by us in real life. Vb Awakening in the face of intense pain with fear, real or anticipated danger, and enthusiasm, yellowing, dry mouth, heart, respiratory acceleration and so on. feeling manifested by symptoms or more complex physiological changes. belirtil

The definition of fear that we are interested in people, mainly in the bodily dimension of the work tanım In general; fear is not to keep the foot, to turn his foot, wounds to the left to gasp, tongue to be held, sweat in the palm, to be breathed off, such as a strong feeling of side effects, fear.

This feeling also lives in love when a different size of people, there is also fear of being rejected in the circuit, fear of being abandoned, fear of not being able to express himself, fear of the opposite sex, fear if we lose love to open to the lovers can be captured by fear.

Horror Team Fear of fear amak
Rather than expressing ourselves in lessons, examinations, fear is a dominant feeling in the areas where we test our knowledge. If I can’t, I don’t know, if my friends laugh, the fears that my fictionalized girls get back to us as traumatic problems in the process. We live in a sort of fear horror crew.

Fear; We are spreading our living spaces into torture, fearing the fear of height, the fear of living animals, the fear of indoor space (which is also called a phobia) fear of staying in the dark.

But what are the organs that are so deeply involved in our bodies that trigger our fears, and which are affected. Adrenalin secreted by adrenal glands first, signaling the severity of the situation by sending signals to the body and the brain.

In case of excitement and fear, by increasing the secretion of adrenaline, noradrenaline can be secreted and released. Extends blood vessels. During the adrenaline secretion:

1. Damarlar expands.
2.Can increase pressure.
3.The heart rate increases.
4.Eye babies grow.
5. Blood sugar rises.

The result is a body and an individual who is suffering from fear…


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