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You should also try this braid with practical construction!
2016 has been the year of all weaves! We love both stylish and practical weaves in summer heat. If you want to color the summer days with different models of hair weaves are in the right place! Now we will explain the Dutch weave, which is very popular in recent days. Thanks to the easy construction of the Dutch weave, you can keep up with this trend.
Preparation stage
First prepare your hair. With moist or dry hair, you can start knitting; but make sure her hair is scanned. If you have electrified hair, spray a water-filled spray into your hair to moisturize them.


Take a piece of hair off the top of your hair. If you’ve got any curses and you want to get them in the braid, you can start from the weave. The hair strand you get is approximately 7-12 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick. Once you’ve cut the hair strand into three equal parts, you’re ready to start knitting. If you wish, you can use the Dutch style as double weave. In this case, first you have to split the hair in half, then you should separate the hair strands from the middle of each side.

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Add the left side of the three pieces to the left underneath the middle. Repeat the same step to pass the left side hair strap to the right side. Add a little more hair to the hairstyle on the right side and pass it under the middle hair strand again. Repeat for the left side. By adding hair, repeat the weave in this way until it reaches the tip. When the knitting process is finished, get help with a high-grip hair spray to stabilize the rubber buckle and maintain permanence.

It’s that simple!

Let’s look at the video of Instagram below to learn more about the construction of the Dutch weave.

Step 1

You should start with the little tufts you get from the top of your hair over the Dutch braid. Take a pinch of hair over your hair and collect it with a rubber pin. Then take a thin pinch of gold from underneath and attach the rubber buckle in the same way.

Step 2
Now cut the upper pinch into 3 equal parts. Hold one of the tufts on the right, the other on the left and the other in the middle. Then cut the following hair strand into half and pass the middle tuft of the hair tuft away from the above.

Step 3
Tighten the hair strands on the right and left with a rubber buckle. Add the hair to the middle again by adding the hair from the sides and divide by 3 in the same way and continue the above process down. After you do a few times, your hand will get used to it.

Step 4
Finally, when you come to the end of your hair with the rubber buckle end the thread and spray the hair.


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