4 Incredible Clues That Could Prove Michael Jackson Is Still Alive




Michael Jackson, the man who was born as a special talent and proves to the whole world that he really is, is walking on the moon with his magnificent voice and distinctive dance.

She managed to demonstrate her talent as a child. Her father’s love for music sprouted in all his children. But most of all, he found life in Michael. Michael was the King of Pop, now he is the king of Pop.

Although his childhood could not be experienced in the absence of a great deficiency in his life or scandals mixed with the place where his weakness, Michael, not only the period, as the legendary artist of all times, the name of the gold letters were printed.

It’s a personal preference to love or not to love a person. But when Michael Jackson is mentioned, the flow of the flowing water is like the way things are expressed.

Childhood and music
Michael was born on August 29th, 1958, when he was the seventh child of Katherine and Joseph in Indiana, Indiana. His father, Joseph, was a factory worker. On the other hand he was passionate about music. He used to play the guitar and evaluate his free time. Joseph had nine children in total and taught them to fall in love with music.

Music was the most fundamental phenomenon that glorified the spirit of the family. In the early ’60s, the father formed the band Joseph, their son “Jackie, Jermaine and Tito” and the band “The Jacksons”. Later, dı The Jacksons yarış began to sing and participate in competitions in clubs.

According to other siblings, Michael began to be interested in music at a very early age, and his father discovered his talent. Especially her solo performances were amazing. So when he was 6 years old in 1963, he and his brother, Marlon, joined the group. The band’s name changed to ”The Jacksons 5 Gr.

Music brought Michael’s life into education and work together. His life was now completely based on music.

The Jackson 5 is rising
The group was particularly inspired by their solo performance. Because he had a very special voice and dance skills. Until 1968, The Jackson 5 continued his work as an amateur. They came out at night clubs and bars.

Then one day they took part in the competition held at Harlem – Apollo Theater in New York. The most famous R & B record label was Motown and The Jackson 5 attracted the company’s founder Berry Gordy.

The group signed an agreement with Motown in 1968 and moved to California. His ascension was too fast.

Their first album
Motown began to publish albums based on his record label. Their manager was Suzanne de Passe. The first four singles had been number one on the charts, Be I Want You Back, ABC, Save The Love and I’ll Be There İlk. The Jackson 5 quickly gained a reputation beyond himself. He was the representative of the Negro pop and Soul vocal groups around the world in the ’70s.

All of this reputation, this rise was actually linked to Michael. Michael seemed to mix up the music and present it to the people. His strong voice and peculiar dance was the biggest factor that led the group to the first place. After a while, Michael would be known as Michael Jackson, who would separate Michael from his band.

Between 1971 and 1976, he was still a member of the group and signed Motown and released solo albums. Her solo career includes a solo album tı Got To Be There, Ben, Music and Me and Forever Michael Michael.

The Jackson 5 Cartoon
In 1971, when the band was at the top, he made Walt Disney Pictures cartoons. With the publication of the cartoon, the reputation of the Jackson brothers was echoed all over the world.

They started their concerts in England in 1972. They went out the box office wherever they went. The Jackson 5 knew no boundaries.

Change of record company
While everything was actually going well, the group’s sales started to decline after 1973. Matown was very uncomfortable and wanted to take control. After that, he was only pushing the company to sing the songs he had chosen. The Jackson 5 didn’t want to endure any more. In 1976, he decided to leave the company. He made his new contract with Epic Records.

However, during this company change, he stayed in the brothers’ Jarmaine Motown. He was married to the daughter of the company owner Berry Gordy. The group has lost its name. The Jackson brothers took their younger brother, Randy, into the band, replacing his brother, Jarmaine, and the band became called “The Jacksons.”

New era for The Jacksons
When the group was renewed, the career process was renewed. They had now opened a new page as mış The Jacksons Artık. Michael was pushing the summit.

The Jacksons quickly recovered. Between 1976 and 1984, they created their career with their albums and singles. They released six albums from Epic Records, but the most popular one was 1978 ılar Destiny ’. This was one of The Jacksons’ most successful albums.


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