5 Oldest People You Wont Believe Actually Exist!




1- No one else can control you except you.

2- The secret of healthy and long life in the eating habits of the Caucasian people with aphrodisiac characteristics.

3- A man may have a child of 100 years.

4- When you sit down by squatting, all your muscles related to your sexual power work and become stronger.

5- I didn’t spill my hair. No white. I rub the extra virgin olive oil with a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, sesame oil and black cumin oil on the bottom of my hair.

6- Burning grass, forty locust nettle, stinging nettle and green tea treat cancer. I exhaust them.

7- I don’t eat bread. Instead, I use 100% pure and naturally produced wheat germ powder.

8- I am stronger than 25 years with Caucasian nutrition. After I was 50, I was 12 inches long.

9- Even at the age of 25, I was not so strong in the brain, muscle, sex. I hear my ears better than they used to.

10- Never give up.

11- Life is a fun, remember this.

12- Do not count days in the calendar, live the day.

Betül Mardin – 91 Years

13- I have always been in my life for 10 years.

14- It is the flirting ages of the people between the ages of 20 and 30. The age of 30-40 is now the year of success in business.

15- Between 1540-50 years, there should be a period of rise. Never stop. Work work work..

16- You should know that after 50, you cannot say ‘I have tried something else.’

17- I do not believe in Botox. I decided not to have them, not to lift my eyebrows or something.

18- I don’t stay out at 11:00 at night.

19- When he gets very angry he sleeps, I solve the problem later.

20- I’m angry, but I never hold a grudge.

21- I start the day with grapefruit juice.

22- I do not neglect green tea in the day.

Nebahat Çehre – 73 Years

I am not on my agenda

23- I want to be done if aesthetic is needed. I can’t bear an inflated face.

24- I start my day early every day of the week.

25- I drink warm lemon water and then make 30-40 min mild movements and prepare my body for the day.

26- I do breakfast after the training. Feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, parsley, bitter pepper, a fried slice of bread is a must for breakfast. On the day I eat an egg that is overcooked apricots.

27- There is nothing I cannot eat. Few and I eat in your decision. I eat very little, especially in the evening.

28- I don’t spend 24 hours in bed in the evening.

29- I drink a vitamin C every day, and I get multi-vitamins occasionally.

30- I don’t try to discipline my life because it is already discipline life.

Aydın Boysan – 96 Years

31- In the mornings, every morning in the morning, I will wake up.

32- I must have a good breakfast. As soon as I wake up, I drink water for the first time.

33- Then I do my morning readings. I can solve sudoku and puzzles every day,

34- Do not lull yourself into laziness. Laziness is the most dangerous habit for man.

35- Sleep according to your body watch, do not do not mind.

36- Do not neglect to eat fruit, do not eat bread. Alcoholic drinks for affordable.

37- Eat fish twice a week for two days. Stay away from the dough.

38- The only condition for being successful in business life is to work without giving up.

39- Change the style of the music you listen to from time to time. For example, listen to rock instead of classical music.

40 – Live your love with your heart. This will add longevity to you. You can also do flirtation if it is worth it, but if you do your account well you will lose a lot.

41- I swam in time, sailing, young people never give up sports. If you are not doing any sport, walk. Don’t go anywhere by taxi.

42- Do not discipline life too much, your soul should be open enough to air

43- Spend the money you earn without losing. Invest in what you’re getting.

44- A person without animal love cannot be happy.

45- Think positively.

Zeki Başeskioğlu – 87 Years

50- I put olive oil, lemon and thyme in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and drink it in a stitch.

51- I do not eat to feed my stomach. My food must be delicious and nutritious.

I sleep at 52- 00:00 or at the latest 01:00. I’il wake up in five hours.

53- I have done many sports throughout my life. I love the sea, but I walk a lot.

54- Atatürk’s ar Those who didn’t get tired are never tired ’and I made a point to myself. Would recommend to you too.

55- I use vitamins at my doctor’s time.

56- In order to be successful in business life, try to take small jobs from work.

57- To evaluate the money you earn, always set goals in front of you.

58- Be honest with yourself and do not upset those around you.

Mustafa Öz – 92 Years

59- Butter and red meat do not exist in my life. I eat the egg once a week.

60- I walk every day. I walk 6 miles a week, at least 4 days a week.

61- You will not have a stressful life. This starts from home.

62- Happy marriage life especially for men, prolong life.

63- I don’t believe 4 times a week of sex.

64- Sexual performance of a man up to 70 years


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