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False nose surgery
The biggest error in nose operations; it is not natural, it is very upturned, face to face incompatible and clearly reveals the operation as the nose. Nasal surgery is sometimes performed by non-plastic surgeon physicians can make this mistake unavoidable. Kışlaoğlu stated that some doctors took more bones and cartilage than the nose while opening the airway, and ended the operation without bringing the exposed bones closer.

Another mistake in nasal surgeries is that people who have breathing problems are first to open the airway, then to septoplasty and then to rhinoplasty. Cartilage tissue is taken during septoplasty, there is not enough tissue for subsequent surgery. Those who think that they need these two operations should plan to be both together. Another problem that may occur with nasal surgeries is that after open nose surgeries, there is a scar on the person between the two nostrils, especially brown-skinned people. Bur
Nose aesthetic errors

• Noses that do not appear natural at all, too high, not compatible with the face.
• Noses with very bad appearance because of excess cartilage and bone. (In order to correct them later, the cartilage must be removed from the rib or bone.)

Faulty liposuction
Liposuciton surgery, the biggest mistake made in order to weaken the patient more than necessary, indicating that the withdrawal of oil. Dr. Erol Kışlaoğlu continues his speech by saying: üyor Liposuction is not a weakening but a shaping surgery. The aim here is to make the body shape more deformed due to redundancy. It is important to know that excessive fat withdrawal is a major risk for the patient’s health. Liposuciton surgery may result in deformations and deformations. The skin has a certain shrinkage capacity, and when this capacity is exceeded, the skin becomes perturbed.
Major liposuction errors

• The most important risk in liposuction is that it causes thromboembolism in the lungs by forming a clot in the vessels during or after the wrong operation. This is such a mistake that it can lead to death.
• An unconscious surgeon’s hand may show uneven, dented appearance. Drooping may occur due to improper liposuction surgeries to the abdomen.
• In older patients, especially if the grease on the kneecap is not done correctly, the skin may hang over the knee.
• May cause severe burns if not applied correctly.

Faulty breast aesthetics
Professor Dr. According to Erol Kışlaoğlu, the biggest problem in breast augmentation surgery is the lack of proper communication between the patient and the doctor, and the lack of a common decision on the breast. As a result, the patient may not get used to the new dimension, or even if he likes it at first. As with other aesthetic operations in breast augmentation surgeries, the biggest problem stands out as unnatural results. Very large prostheses do not give natural results, they can also cause some complications because they are forced.
Major breast aesthetic errors

• Non-natural breasts that look like two spheres when viewed from a distance.
• Inequality between two breasts, asymmetric image.
• The prostheses are large enough to disturb the patient over time.
• Prosthetic complications caused by forced prostheses. (For example, in the case of a capsule contracture, the body is able to create a strong armor around the prosthesis.)

Foul lip plump
As the nose is the most striking part of the face, the slightest mistake is immediately apparent. Professor Dr. Erol Kislaoglu, the lip of a person can be used for the purpose of plumping or natural substances such as hyaluronic acid can be preferred, he says.
Major lip plump errors

• Very artificial and swollen images.
• Complications caused by fillers that are not compatible with the body, both in appearance and health.

Faulty hair seeder
Although hair transplantation seems simple, it is remarkable for both the patient and the doctor. In the micro implantation method, each hair follicle is planted one by one. In this process, patience is not shown or experienced by experienced hands, many problems can occur. When the hair is planted on the forehead and in the recesses without touching them, the hair gathered in the upper part of the head causes a wig-like image to form.
Major flaking faults
• Wig-like, unnatural image.
• Tens of wires spouting from a root due to the fact that hair follicles are planted together and not individually.


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