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In our article yesterday, we touched on the environmental factors that determine the human height. In the present section of the article, we will examine the genetic factors, the advantages of the long neck, the possible effects on life in space and human life on Mars.

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Genetic factor
Genetic factors play a major role in the determination of the neck, as well as other characteristics of the human being. The children of tall couples are almost always tall. Nevertheless, the origin of the human elongation is not entirely explained by the fact that tall people were preferred in the evolution of human beings.

The Darwinist approach predicts that healthy organisms produce more offspring, while the opposite is true in modern man. Poorer, less healthy, so shorter families have more children than those who are richer. For example, one of the world’s poorest countries, Niger, has the highest fertility rate in the world. Women in this country have more than 7 children.

William Leonard, a professor of anthropology in the United States, says that the size gap is largely based on socio-economic causes and nutrition.

Rather than from natural selection, from a genetic point of view, today’s long lengths are linked to genes that can take everything they need to maximize their task of development. Mes The fundamental changes seen over the last 150 years are that the population today has a better genetic potential in terms of size than ever before, Leon says Leonard.

John Komlos, professor of economics at the University of Munich, believes that the problem is not only related to genetics, but that the environment is the hallmark of the human body.

Long neck advantage
It is seen as an attractive feature in many cultures. The height can also be an indicator of earnings. In a 2004 study, it was seen that every 2-3 cm neck above the average corresponded to a gain of $ 1000 more for today’s money each year.

However, except for athletes and famous models, there is no linear connection between height and wealth. Of course, all of the billion billion CEOs are not cypress. Komlos says that this oversized advantage ends in about 190 cm, and that the aesthetically attractive thing to that limit is then seen as extremism.

Sometimes it is a long-sized disadvantage. They have to bend to pass through the doors or to fit in the car; they can also be more prone to joint and cardiovascular diseases. For example, the tallest known person, Robert Wadlow, was 2,72 meters tall because of the pituitary gland disorder. He had to wear support for his legs while walking. She died at 22.

But Komlos now believes that human beings have reached its peak. Dutch people see the most favorable conditions as a population with the maximum paint that people can reach.

Leonard shares this idea. ”We can say that the industrialized world population generally reaches the limits of genetic potential.“

Temporary elongation in space
Would it be possible to be taller if it is possible to live in outer space or on other planets outside the world?

In science fiction works, this issue is frequently brought to the agenda and it is suggested that this situation will change the human form. For example, it is claimed that people living there would be much taller after a few generations because gravity on Mars was 38 percent of the world.




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