Button collar construction


Hello dear ladies today, I brought you a story about how to make a necklace with very colorful colors. Ah, those mesh neckties were everywhere this winter. Both models, both male and female, were fashionable. It was used. But it was the point that caught my attention. Everyone was getting their neck ready, plain color. It is no doubt that the happiness and happiness of using a gift or giving it as an accessory for a person to wear or make a gift, hand by a loved one is undoubtedly quite different. Yes, but how can we make a mesh necklace. I hope to show you the structure of the mesh neckline here as a video. You can also watch it carefully and improve yourself about knitting necklaces. You will be able to prepare very nice knitted cortexes for yourself or your loved ones.


Button collar construction

I just want to focus on a few things you need to be aware of. As you know, necklaces are a stylish and complementary accessory for both men and women. In winter, some accessories that will complement our clothes and protect us from cold weather make us feel good.

See how you prefer the outfit of the person who will use this weave neck. They usually wear dark clothes and, if they prefer, a black knitted collar can be used as a complement to any outfit. This can be avoided in cold weather in winter.

But if you prefer light clothes, it will make more sense to choose a color according to your clothes and knit your neck accordingly, and you can also enrich your neck with puffs and knobs, create a model. Never hesitate to use your own taste in your hands. Good luck with…

Button collar construction Button collar construction Button collar construction


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