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Causes of insomnia
Many people complain that he could not sleep despite the fact that he was asleep. Insomnia can be caused by many reasons. Insomnia can occur due to psychiatric or biological reasons. If you have insomnia problems and you don’t know about the causes of insomnia, here are the most known causes of insomnia Siz

Sleeping pills
The sleeping pills you take to sleep are one of the biggest factors that disturb sleep. Also, being dependent on sleeping pills prevents you from having a good night’s sleep.

Sleep during the day
Lying in the short term during the day makes it difficult to sleep at night. The fact that you cannot sleep at night causes you to become more tired and nervous during the day. This cycle can become uncontrollable. Adults and seniors outside adults do not need to sleep during the day. If you need too much to sleep during the day, cut up to half an hour.

Caffeine consumption
Coffee and tea also have a caffeine stimulant. These drinks, which are preferred to start the day in the morning, cause insomnia when consumed at night. According to research, caffeine remains in the human body for 8 hours, stopping the afternoon coffee and tea consumption for a good sleep.

It causes insomnia because it is as stimulant as cigarette, coffee and alcohol. Smoking will cause your sleep to escape before you go to sleep.

Working hours
This may be the most important reason for your insomnia problem if you have changed working hours. Your body mixes the day and night cycle, causing insomnia.

Lack of routine
Children need sleep as much as the night sleep. If you try to change the sleep patterns of children, they do not sleep or sleep in the time they need to sleep. Wake your children up at the same time to recover from the problem of insomnia at the same time.

Environmental factors
If the environment you are sleeping in is not a good environment, your sleep can escape. If the person who sleeps with you snoring or is moving too much, you may miss your sleep. In addition, if you have chemical or toxic substances in the environment you are sleeping in, you may cause insomnia. Extreme temperature, excess light, noise, uncomfortable beds may be the cause of insomnia.

The side effects of many medications with or without prescription are insomnia. If the cause of your insomnia is medication, this problem will not be long-term. When you stop using the medicine, your sleep pattern will return to its original state.

Depressed people often feel tired. Therefore, depression is one of the most common causes of insomnia. In addition, emotions such as bipolar disorder can cause insomnia. If you have insomnia, you should investigate if it is psychological.

Staying for a long time, intense physical movements, overworked problems cause insomnia. Pills that students take to study can cause insomnia.

Eat too much food

Eating excessive food before going to sleep will cause insomnia. You can facilitate digestion by preferring light meals before going to sleep, so your body will relax and become easier to sleep. Spice consumption in particular causes burns in the stomach and causes sleep problems.

Sleep, mind-boggling issues about work, school, health or family life make it difficult to fall asleep and causes insomnia.

Health problems
Cancer, heart problems, lung diseases, stomach disorders, thyroid, Parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s, joint pain can cause insomnia, chronic pain, difficult breathing and frequent urination disrupts sleep patterns.

Things to do for a healthy sleep
Sleepless life is not possible for human life. You can have a healthy sleep with these methods that will be applied for a few weeks for a healthier life.

Apply a Mediterranean diet
Increased core lubrication causes sleep apnea. You can get rid of the sleep apnea with a high level of fruit, whole-grain foods, a Mediterranean diet with vegetables and fish, and a 30-minute walk a day.

Choose the right dishes
At dinner, consuming foods with high glycemic index, such as potatoes and rice, facilitates the transition to sleep. In addition, yogurt, banana, chamomile tea, warm milk, honey, oat flour, almonds, flaxseed, turkey foods such as serotonin and melatonin hormones secrete by allowing you to sleep more comfortable.

Read books
Reading a book in the bed makes the eyes heavier and makes the mind fall asleep without thinking anything else.

Take a shower
After a warm shower, you will have to sleep within 15 minutes.

Listen to classical music
Classical music has a calming effect on people. The type and sounds of music facilitate the transition to sleep by relaxing the brain and body.

Hair caress
No matter how someone takes care of your hair in any way, your sleep will come and you never want it to end. When you have difficulty in getting to sleep, you can ask your spouse or family members to caress your hair.


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