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In some cases, there are other symptoms such as rash or rash with itching. Eczema-like skin diseases, allergic reactions, insect bites, fungal infections, intestinal parasites, systematic diseases or hormonal changes are among the main causes of itching. Abnormalities in the immune system, kidney, liver or thyroid gland diseases can cause a general itching in the whole body. Causes of pruritus are also known to cause rash or hives.

In most cases, when the underlying discomfort is treated, itching also ceases. In the meantime, bathing in cold water, moisturizing the skin, do not wear the type of clothes to wear skin, use non-perfumed skin care products, calming lotion to the itching region or cold compresses, can provide some relief. In addition, antihistaminic or steroid creams, such as the treatment used for the treatment of itching may also benefit.


‘Allergic contact eczema’, which means that allergy-induced itching, usually responds to certain substances in contact with the skin. Nickel jewelry, thorny plants, fabric dyes, rubber gloves or chemicals in cosmetic products such as soap, perfume can trigger allergy. Due to the immune system acting against allergens, an itching starts with a burning sensation.

Allergic contact eczema develops more easily in people with asthma, eczema or hay fever. The treatment should first determine what the skin reacts to. Keeping the skin moist and using anti-allergic cosmetic products will provide relief.


If there is only itching on the skin and this symptom is not accompanied by another rash-like abnormality, then skin dryness is often suspected. In fact, it is normal for the skin to dry with advancing age, but when itching enters the work, the external conditions may also have an effect. Due to low air humidity, prolonged exposure to air conditioning, central heating, chlorinated water or too much bathing, the skin may dry out and itch. It may be good not to neglect to use a lot of moisturizer.


Just 15 minutes under the sun can be enough for your immune system to take action. You can see the first signs within a day after you first get out of the sun. Especially small, red spots on the breasts and arms and itching means you are allergic to the sun. It is very common and it is best to be careful when going out in the sun. Apart from sun allergy, sunburn also causes the skin to blush and itching.


Symptoms of many skin diseases such as eczema, dandruff, fungus, scabies, psoriasis, lice, hives, chicken pox are also common. Itching occurs due to skin diseases, itching affects certain areas and itching places, red spots, skin irritation, flaking or swelling can be seen.

When you see such abnormalities in the skin with itching, you should definitely see a doctor and learn what your discomfort is. Treatment for skin disease will relieve itching.


When the chemical called histamine, which is produced by the body against allergens, is released by skin cells, hives develop. White or red on the skin, approximately 1 cm in size bubbles occur and itching. There are two types of rash, acute and chronic.

Acute hives can be caused by influenza, colds, insect bites or touching of chemicals in some foods such as tomatoes, tuna, and bananas. Chronic hives last more than 6 weeks and the immune system in the immune system to attack and cause the release of histamine occurs. Alcohol, stress and high blood pressure will worsen the situation.


Hormonal changes can cause a general itching in the body as if the ants are walking around on you. One of these theories is that fluctuating hormone levels affect the nerve endings in the skin. In your diet, reducing the foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids, drinking plenty of water and moisturizing to prevent the drying of the skin, stress, sun rays, smoking and taking care to take care to take your sleep can help relieve itching.


Some women experience a problem with itching during pregnancy. It is especially itching in the abdomen, thighs, chest and arms. Pregnancy can also trigger skin problems that cause eczema-like itching. Pruritus in pregnancy usually ends after birth.


Some medications such as penicillin, painkillers, fungicides, aspirin or antibiotics may cause itching and rash. Because the drugs are foreign chemicals entering the body, the body can respond with an allergic reaction within a few hours


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