Cornet Dessert


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7 cones

1 tea cup with chocolate cream with nuts

2 packs of whipped cream

1 glass of water Milk

1 tbsp of caramel sauce

1 teaspoon Turkish coffee

3 tablespoons labne cheese

To decorate; Chocolate cake


Cut the sharp portion of the ice cream cone (as in the video) so that it can stand on a flat surface. Apply chocolate cream over oatmeal biscuits and seat our cones. Dip the mouth of the cone into the chocolate sauce and pastry. Leave in the refrigerator. Whipped cream in the mixing bowl, Turkish coffee, whisk up to the consistency of milk. Add the Labne cheese, caramel sauce and continue to beat. Leave in the refrigerator. You can prepare the cream you prepare to the cones and decorate with kao and serve.


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