Der „popo-lärste“ Auftritt beim Supertalent!




Researchers say that the storage of fat in your body directly affects your health. Fat storage in the chest or abdomen is more dangerous than storing it in your butt or buttocks. Fatty in the hip area, fatty acids, heart and arteries from the heart while keeping away from diseases such as diabetes keeps away from you. The fact that your body has decided to store the fat in your stomach or in your abdomen means that for women, hormones control and distribute the oil to protect the heart.

As a result of the researches, women with broad hips had lower cholesterol levels and were more suitable to burn sugar. It is also stated that women with broad hips are smarter, and that this is due to the fact that their hips are associated with Omega 3 and that Omega 3 supports brain health.

The hip that is above the average is not always that bad. What is your butt shape?

Square butt

Having a butt in square shape can mean a lot. This person may have fat on the side of the waist. Some basic basic exercises improve the strength and strength of the hip muscles while lowering the fat in the waist.

Round butt

A round butt is good and healthy. This also means that there may be fat on the upper side of the hip muscles. If necessary, it is easy to get rid of the oil taken from the root.

Heart-shaped butt

It is probably the most desirable butt shape, a heart-shaped butt filler, and thinner towards the waist. This butt shape also indicates that the excess weight is stored above. These asses tend to lose fat more quickly when they get older. Perhaps it is good to gain weight now for the future of your health.

”V“ Butt

It is usually the shape of the butt of older women. Fat in the butt has begun to lose estrogen and is moving to other parts of the body. If your butt is in the V shape, you should be able to relocate the fat reservoir in your body and get rid of it without getting greased.


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