How To Give A Birth in Water ?




In the 1960s, the birth in the water began to be used in France in the 1960s, began to pass in the literature in medicine in the 1960s, but thought to cause infection and other illnesses were not recommended. In 2005, as a result of the work of the Italians, birth in the water minimized pain and had other advantages. Nowadays, especially in Europe, which is one of the preferred form of birth water birth, while only recently started to be applied in Turkey. Water birth minimizes the pain during childbirth. Pregnant women should discuss this method with their physicians.

Who can’t give birth in water?

The idea of ​​birth in the water, pain and anxiety since it reduces the rate of pain to be experienced and after the birth of the mothers began to think among the methods began to think. The mother who considers giving birth in the water should first consult this issue with her doctor. If your baby is in reverse, if you have multiple pregnancies, if you have pregnancy poisoning, you should discuss with your doctor if you have an intensive meconium (baby poop).

What are the Benefits of Birth in Water?

One of the most known benefits is for the baby. In other words, when the baby comes to a different environment that resembles the environment in which the mother is in the womb, she is not anxious. This makes the baby calm. Birth in water accelerates the birth process and relieves the mother’s suffering from contractions. It also minimizes the risk of rupture in the vagina because it loosens warm water. At the same time warm water helps the mother relax and relieve stress.

What are the disadvantages of water birth?

Although water birth is a method of calming and accelerating the birth process, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. The most important of these is the heat of the water in the bathtub or pool. Water should not exceed 36 degrees. At the same time, your mother should receive enough water. There is also a risk of the first breath of the baby in the water, but the birth of the doctor and the midwife will take care of it will be done because the baby in the water when the birth of their skin begins to breathe, and of course, the water, the tub is clean enough. At the same time, the amount of water to be put into the bathtub and the depth of the bath should be paid attention.


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