HOW TO KNIT BEADS Knitting Technique




Beaded Braid Flower Making
Ladies and gentlemen in this project we will tell you about the construction of knitted flowers. In the previous topic, I explained to you the simple shape of this beaded braid flower as crochet easy flower making. I’ll tell you more about the complex and bead decorated with this.

Ladies who are new to the knitting on the internet social media, beautiful, interesting knitted flower models when they see the production of very difficult to think. Then they wonder how to make the rose from the braid, how to make the knitted flower.

Pine Tree Knitting Model Making
We say that we are going to do this if we have some painting lessons. In this case, we tell you about handmade flower making in our subjects with our video narration and we explain the examples of weave flower making with step by step pictures.

Behind this beautiful flower you can carry it as an ornament by inserting a needle for the brooch, bandana, hat, can sew on your bag sewing.


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