How to Make a Square Patterned Baby Mandatory ?


Who do not like babies? Especially when the subject is babies, the clothes they wear should be as sweet as the baby. We will have colored vests adding modern breezes to the diamond-shaped knitting models that have been extended from the old generation day by day.

Although there are many different ways of baklava-patterned vests for babies and baklava-patterned baby boys, the basic process is similar. In this writing, we will tell you how to make the easiest and most practical way to make a baklava pattern baby doll.

How to Make a Square Patterned Baby Mandatory ?

We are following a method we learned from our anna. We will share with you step by step how to make a baby doll model.

We’re Getting Started

We take six stitches with number 5, and after the stitches are wasted, the front row is flat and the back row is flat, we continue to knit, 2 rows front and 2 rows back flat. After this, we open the thread, we have to pay attention to open the loop of the baby stitches, this is an important issue so that the entrance and exit are not reversed.

In our 60-threaded jelly, our calculations were as follows: 4 loop edges, 7 loop fronts, 2 loop loops, 6 loop loops, 2 loop loops, 18 loop loops and repeat this sequence.

How to Make a Square Patterned Baby Mandatory ?

Separate arms

Then we split the arms, we split the arms, and then we shoot the back. We knit the back with 40 loops. Here we prefer to knit with one hand. After these 40 stitches, our jellyfish will begin to shape. We will pass on the baklava slice model after 40 loops are completed.

Diamond pattern

We build our model of baklava on 9 stitches and one loop, and we will complete the model with patterns of rosacea to the bottom of the arm. You can change the size of the baklava slices to change the vest construction and you can make flowers in it, or you can also get flowers ready for baklava inside.

How to Make a Square Patterned Baby Mandatory ?

We’re taking away our assistant bottles. We wear our bottles from where we finished. It would be more practical for us to do this with 2 bottles. We pass the two arms to one another, and transfer the arm to our own initiative. This method is changing from person to person, and if you feel easier, you can choose different methods. After knocking down 3 rows of harasso, we have completed our arm. You can see our picture gallery about the construction of the baby mug with the pattern of diamond.


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