In 1939 This 5 Year Old Became The Youngest Mother Ever





When you have unprotected sex within 5 days prior to ovulation, you are more likely to get pregnant.

The first day of the menstrual cycle is the first day of the day. Most women experience ovulation 14 days before the next cycle. So if you think that your menstrual cycle lasts between 24 and 30 days, 10-16. days between ovulation. When the egg is released from the ovaries, it can be combined with sperm and this period is between 12-24 hours. If you think that sperm can survive for days, having sex before ovulation can make you pregnant.

How often?

The more your logic is, the better. However, it is not effective to have much sex to get pregnant. Frequent ejaculation can reduce sperm quality. On the other hand, it affects sperm quality once a week. Because the non-expelled sperm age and may not be able to move effectively to fertilize the egg. Experts say that the day is excessive and that sex that is not more than once a day is effective to get pregnant.


Leave aside the Kama Sutra positions you’ve read or watched from books. Classic positions are best for getting pregnant. The position with the highest chance of getting pregnant is the missionary position. Other positions may also become pregnant. Very good swimmer sperm moves quickly within the female body.

Experts state that staying in bed for 20 minutes after ejaculation and extending the knees increases the chance of getting pregnant. Options such as showers and saunas should be avoided. Sperm dies when body temperature rises.


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