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9 Great Reasons to Start Knitting

Knitting is very effective in improving mobility in hands, and can help with depression, as the mind is concentrated and therefore calms everything down.
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Knitting is a very popular pastime. Although some see it as a hobby for older women, today it is done by people of all ages to encourage the mind.

You may not know it, but knitting is also useful for knitting, strengthening cognitive functions and improving overall health.

The so-called knitting therapy will be great for you!

The best thing is that although it may seem complicated from afar, it is very easy to get started and something everyone can do regardless of age.

Looking for reason to start knitting? Don’t miss the examples below!

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1. Helps depression

Knitting is a manual activity that increases relaxation and well-being, especially in depressive periods.

Focusing on such a project helps reduce anxiety and other negative symptoms associated with depression.

When weaving, your mind dissipates and you can stop thinking about what makes you upset.

2. Protects your brain
People from other ages such as knitting or other activities from an early age carry the risk of less cognitive impairment in later years than those who do not use their brains in this way.

Such activities help to reduce the production of substances that negatively affect cerebral activity, while improving your memory.

Knitting helps to reduce mobility problems and improve concentration.

3. Improves your vision

If you are one of the many exercises to strengthen your eye health, knitting is a simple and fun way to know it is useful.

The movements of your eyes when knitting help to improve your vision and also lubricate your eyes naturally.

This protects your vision and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration.

4. Helps chronic pain
Chronic pains like rheumatoid arthritis can relax with this daily habit.

Your brain focuses on manual activity. Distractions help to reduce pain significantly.

Doing such exercise exercises with your hands will speed up your blood circulation and help reduce inflammation, the key to pain relief.

5. Increases Happiness

People who regularly weave knit tend to be less anxious and are rather happy.

In doing so, serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes mental health in the brain, is secreted.

6. Stress under control
Although it may seem difficult at the beginning, knitting is a relaxing therapy management that can help when you feel stressed or anxious.

The technique and concentration required are sufficient to keep the brain active while moving your mind away from any sensation that is caught in negative thoughts.

And because you can do it anywhere, it’s a perfect activity to come to a comfortable point when you really need to clean your mind.

7. Increases creativity

Those who like knitting develop their imagination and creativity; new doors open in both knitting and other areas of your life.

8. Improves coordination
Moving the wool from one swollen to the other is a surprisingly effective activity in improving cerebral coordination.

If you add complexity to your knitting project, this challenge increases your mental abilities, speed and concentration.

This information may surprise you, but knitting is one of the most recommended activities for people with motor skill problems.

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