Knitting Rib for Beginners




Recently, we share the most popular knitting techniques. The name of the model we will share now is the knitting rib model. The reason why ribs is called a rib model is that it resembles a rib.

The rib knitting model, which is among the most popular knits, is made with the skewer work. If you want to do this model you need to master the skewer business. After watching the video we shared, you can choose this knitting technique especially in summer knits.

Kaynana Öremez Gelin Knitting Model and Two-Color Star Knitting Model, as well as our rib knitting model is also shared in our website. An average of 11 minutes of video is given tips for making this model. If you like this model, you can prepare your materials and learn how to start the video.



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