Mahendra Ahirwar: The Boy Who Sees The World Upside Down




The most obvious problem that distorts the charisma and beauty of man is to be skewed. Humpback is a serious discomfort and neck curvature, which is seen in most people working at the desk, can both cause health problems and can really finish the image of the person.

Moreover, such a sneaky disturbance, over the years seized the person and this state of the person who for years could not be aware of it. When he sees himself from a profile in the profile or in the window of a store window on the street, the gravity of work is revealed!

This discomfort, which is common in both women and men, is particularly effective in those who are working at a desk, constantly looking to the screen or files in front of them. Anlay Scholarinis neck ‘or‘ Reading neck da In English, we can easily understand the term nu Scholar’s neck ’or‘ Reading neck ’. Now he’s using the message neck. In other words, the disease of the people of our age constantly looking at the phone bending his neck ağ Discomfort such as shoulder pain, neck pain and low back pain is mostly caused by this curvature. Curvature also poses a risk of injury during exercise. According to doctors and experts, the best solution in the treatment of neck curvature is self-exercise.

Now, let’s see how we can overcome this insidious skirmish that puts people into a loser and weak appearance insan

Tom Morrison of TNation has prepared a short and useful video. It is possible to grasp the movements easily by watching the video. We share a step-by-step description. You can also find the different exercise videos that are useful to correct your posture again dur

Wall Drill

Put your back against the wall.

Make sure your back and shoulder blades touch the wall. Your feet get very little discrete from the wall.

Now touch the wall behind your head. Without pulling your head off the wall, start pulling your chin to your chest.

Repeat 10 .15 times and focus on the tension on your neck.

Now move away from the wall and do the movement again to catch the same feeling.

Band Drill
Put a light resistance band on anything that stands in front of you. Roll your shoulders back and down, on both sides of your hands.

Pull the tape actively backwards so that the arms are straight.

Gently step backwards and protect the shoulder position well.

Now repeat the previous neck stretching 15 times.

After doing this, keep walking around while maintaining this posture. You can feel funny, but making the movement exaggerated can be the best start for your development.

The more you do this exercise, the less you need in the coming years! You can do it 10aman15 times a day, it is enough to spend 5–10 minutes in one time.


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