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According to a study published in the journal Science, it was revealed that the genetic structures of all people in the world were almost the same.
According to a study that shows that all human communities are genetically similar, despite physical differences between humans, there are more genetic similarities than previously thought among societies in different parts of the world.

Genetic structures of all humans are 99.9% similar. 94 percent of the difference in the remaining thousand among the same societies, while the difference between different societies is only 6 percent.

The head of the research team is from Stanford University. Marcus Feldman stated that their findings will help to understand the human migrations in history and solve the debates on the use of family history in medical research.

The team analyzed the DNA of 1056 people in 52 human societies in the five main geographic regions of the world. These regions are Africa, Eurasia (Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia), East Asia, Oceania and America.

It is possible to identify the continent where the ancestors of each individual in Africa, East Asia, Oceania and America come from by using strong statistical techniques including examination of multiple independent genes.


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