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Two babies in the abdomen at the same time
The development of twin pregnancy you’re experiencing
Shows. Having twin babies both requires more labor and pregnancy
requires you to live more carefully. But still two at a time
It’s a great pleasure to be a mother to the baby. So how does twin pregnancy occur?

In some cases, the formation of a twin child directly from genetic factors
Caused. Twin in previous generations
having a pregnancy increases the likelihood of your twins baby joy
the main reason. A twin pregnancy in your distant relatives, and your twin
pregnancy (pregnancy) may mean.

Twin pregnancy (pregnancy) formation is two types
and the way of twin pregnancy is different in both. First
is the formation of identical twins. The emergence of this condition, the sperm
begins with egg fertilization. Two of the single fertilized eggs in the first 8 days
Two separate babies begin to develop. Divisions after 8 days
Siamese twins or conjoined twins occur. The first 72 hours of division
the twins are in two separate placentas. But later division
if present, there are two babies in a single placenta. Also identical twins
they have the same DNA.

Formation of twins
is different. Normally one female eggs in each menstrual period
They produce. However, as a result of infertility treatment or age progression more than one
they may also be able to produce eggs. Here are more than one egg produced,
When fertilization by multiple spermatozoa occur twins.
Therefore, their physical similarities are not much, and even their gender
It may be different. In the study of the average of twins twins
30% were reported to be of different sexes. Infertility
after treatment. Because of this treatment ovaries
Alerts. Thus, the production of more than one egg
and by their sperm
prepares the ground for fertilization. If you are receiving infertility treatment, the occurrence of twin pregnancy
and you are likely to be a twin mother. But twins
The occurrence of pregnancy is determined by ultrasound after 15 weeks. From this
there is no method to detect the situation in the previous period.

What are the factors that increase the probability of twin pregnancy?

At the beginning of the factors that increase the probability of twin pregnancy genetics
Factors come from. If you have a twin or multiple pregnancy in your family
genetically twin if there are twins present in your family tree
you have a tendency to experience pregnancy.

The second reason is twin nowadays
Infertility therapies are the most important factors that cause pregnancy.
Infertility treatment because of the spawning problem can not get pregnant
women ovaries are stimulated by ovulation. But this effort
at times it causes more than one egg to be produced. Emerging
twin pregnancy by fertilization of two eggs by two different sperm
It occurs. This treatment of twin pregnancy (pregnancy)
Among the factors that increase the likelihood of
It is seen.

If you’re over 35, still
the likelihood of pregnancy is increasing. Because only infertility treatment
not more than 30 years of age when you produce more than one egg
occur. In this case, sperm can fertilize more than one egg
Recognize. If you are over 35 and are planning to become pregnant, the
It can be said that you have a greater chance of becoming a twin mother by years.

Other than that, close to menopause
In the periods of pregnancy, the probability of twin pregnancy is increasing. Because 35 years
menopausal multiple ovulation status during a menstrual period
can be seen in recent times. For this reason it is close to menopause
spawning those who do not want to encounter unexpected surprises in periods
increase should be considered.

If you have given many births
your chances of twin or multiple pregnancy are increasing. Particularly from the fourth birth
then, the probability of life of twin pregnancy increases. This possibility compared to previous pregnancies
doubled the chance of twin pregnancy.

Twin pregnancy of course as luck
It should be evaluated. However, this possibility is still high
If you are considering this, you may
you can know for sure that it did not happen. But a set of twin pregnancy
You should keep in mind that it brings with you difficulties. Other
pregnant women should be fed better, more rest. Doctor
controls should also be performed more frequently. Also cesarean section of pregnancy
the most accurate method in twin pregnancies
is recommended.


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