The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever



One of the most special days in life, the wedding day of the importance of the wearing bridal dress is indisputable. This importance given to the wedding dress is not only valid for today, of course. It was also valuable in the past.

We can say that wedding dresses are as old as marriage ceremonies. The first wedding dress known in history dates back to 4000 BC in Ancient Egypt. In this period, white linen was worn as a wedding dress and flashy crowns were used as accessories. In ancient Rome, the color of the wedding dress was yellow. In the Middle Ages people did not give much importance to color. The quality of the fabric and its flamboyance were the most wanted. The bride’s turning point is that Queen Victoria would prefer a white wedding dress. Although the royal family wore a silver wedding dress, Queen Victoria insisted on white.

When we look at the Ottomans, we see that the dynasty brides prefer flashy wedding dresses made of red and expensive fabrics. The public not only adhered to red but also used vivid colors like blue and pink. After the 1870s, light-colored bridal gowns emerged with the effect of westernization. The first white wedding dress in 1898 II. Naime Sultan, daughter of Abdul Hamid, was worshiped. The white wedding dress, which started in the palace, was adopted by the people in time and became traditional in the early periods of the Republic.


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