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What is anorexia? What are the symptoms of anorexia?
Does it start with diet?

What is anorexia disease, what are the symptoms of being curious. Is Irem Derici’s disease anorexia? The question of whether it starts with diet or diet is among the most investigated topics. What is Anorexia? Here are the symptoms of anorexia …

Anorexia is a disease usually seen in women. What are the symptoms of anaphylaxis caused by a diet, diet or eating disorder? Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological disorder that can be seen especially in young women, not eating, sleeping very little, yet very active. What is anorexia, how do you start, what are the symptoms, treatment? We have all the details about anorexia.

Anorexia nervosa, especially in young women, not eating, very little sleep, yet very active in the psychological disorder that appears.

This disease usually begins in adolescence, rarely in adulthood. In general, it can be said that every person in the extreme slimming enthusiasm can occur. This usually starts with an exaggerated regimen with the belief that the person is too fat, the appetite that can be controlled before vanishes after a while, and the attenuation exceeds the normal measurements. , Anorexia Nervosa artık, an eating disorder syndrome called the disease of the era, is seen not only in young girls, but also in boys. Life-threatening cases are difficult to treat.

In addition, anorexia can also be seen in people with intense psychological problems. Even in people who are not obsessed with dieting and weight loss, there is an eating disorder in the stages of a very problematic life. Ailev, school, business, or emotional subjects who eat in the collapse, refuses to eat, if it is forced to eat. As a result, they lose much weight in the short term and experience all the effects of this disease. When problems are resolved, eating problems are eliminated; but in this phase of serious and persistent physiological problems yaşayabilirler.t new measures: to accept the People of normal weight

Excessive fear of getting fat and getting fat

Disorder in body perception

At least 3 months of menstruation

The cause of anorexia is unknown. Anorexia nervosa; It is formed by a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors.

Biological factors: genes influence among the causes of anorexia are not yet finalized. But genes can make some people more vulnerable to anorexia. People with anorexia are generally perfectionist, sensitive and determined. This is indirectly related to genetic trends.


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