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What do women think about shorter men than themselves? What about men? Can they approach a long woman from them? How important is the difference in size when it comes to love?

Let’s talk about some facts first. Socially, we have been conditioned that the man should be longer than the woman. In no tale, story or film, we didn’t see that the man was short. He always showed us that the boy’s balance in the ideal relationship was longer.

Even in the primitive ages, we read that the man was a huge and powerful man. We’ve learned that women can bring more meals to the cave, adapt more easily to difficult conditions, and look at who can better protect their family and who can protect themselves.

They began to condition us more from childhood, how important it is to have a long neck. We have always had mothers who first opened the subject. Just because we were scared of a short stay, we lowered cups of milk into the stomach. We were forced to play basketball even though we were not capable of being two feet apart.

You will understand the long neck promotion started at an early age. And he didn’t know how to end. Even in politics, it was said that tall candidates were more elected and preferred. It has been told that in business life longs have more leading characteristics. As if these were not enough, more or less tall generations began to emerge from the air or from the water or just because of these conditioning.

You will understand that has been on the agenda for a long time. In the relationship between men and women is a taboo created both socially and automatically.

Because we created a world where men stay away from long girls. First of all we thought it was because they were afraid of being rejected, but most of the time we saw that the main reason was that the self-confidence of the man was affected. Men were beginning to enter a small complex war with long women. High-heeled shoes became the biggest enemies. But the question is, as usual, ”Say elem didn’t go any further than Ama. The men were afraid of being woken and talked about.

In the world of relationships, bir height ”has become an important criterion for women. Being able to wear high-heeled shoes when coming out with a man in short or close lengths began to be reflected as an important problem. In essence, the problem is the freedom of shoes rather than length. Standing in the photo was seen as a separate problem. OK maybe the red carpet wasn’t an option but what about the wedding photos? Women even think about it. And the woman, who was with a man who was as short as he was, was going to be hunched over. Both to keep pace with the environment and to be embarrassed by some neck. It became such a psychological state that the man was not short but the longer the woman became the problem.

She couldn’t even know where to put her hand on the picture, woman. If he threw his shoulders up, he might appear in the nereye Ram un weather, raise his hand and be amazed at where he would put his hand in his air while he was able to create the air he had come with his child.

However, these were all artificially created problems. Neither heels, nor photos taken, nor the view of society … When it comes to love, it’s all a matter of fact. And if there’s love in the middle, it’s not the size that matters.

Five good reasons to go with a short man

I have some advice for women who are far away from short men: take your mind away. You will find love in the right man, not in height. But if you still need to be persuaded, here are five good reasons to go with a short man:

1- Self-confidence

If a short man is approaching a tall woman, know that the man is full of confidence. Throughout his life, he has overcome the problems he has faced due to his short stature and reconciles with himself and his neck.

2- To look like a mannequin

What is the most common common feature of super models? Is it nice? Long? Are they always with their short men? Maybe you’ll never have such beautiful genes, but you can always feel a bit like a super model next to your short lover.

3- Shorts live longer

I’m not saying science says science. Short men live longer than two years longer than average.

4- Increasing options to find true love

If you reduce the criteria you put in love, you increase your chances of finding true love. Just a few inches short of you for the sake of your life, you may be turning your back to the right person for you!

5- Your sex life may be more active

Research shows that short men are better in bed. This is because short men do not have long limbs, but rather focus on making people happy.


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