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Glaucoma, which is a common eye disease, is known as the eye tension between the population.

Glaucoma is the most common cause of permanent loss of vision all over the world and is seen in 1 out of 40 people over 40 years of age. Glaucoma causes permanent vision loss, ie, 20 total blindness kayb in both eyes of 1 out of every 20 individuals.

Oluş How do glaucoma occur? “

There is a liquid in the eye for feeding the formations in the eye. This liquid is continuously discharged through some channels. Glaucoma occurs due to structural congestion of channels that drain out intraocular fluid.

As the channels are clogged, the pressure inside the eye rises because the intraocular fluid cannot be removed sufficiently. This rising pressure damages the eye nerve cells that allow to see. When the damaged cells begin to die slowly, loss of vision from the environment to the center occurs. Permanent total vision loss occurs when all of the cells die.

”Sneaky disease is glaucoma!“

The most important feature of glaucoma is that it slowly causes loss of vision from the environment to the center without any symptoms. In most patients, the presence of the disease cannot be understood until a significant loss of vision occurs. Today, even in the most advanced countries in the world, more than half of glaucoma patients live unaware of the presence of the disease.

Some early symptoms may occur:

• Headache
• Not seeing some of the surrounding areas
• See colorful light halos in sight
Who is glaucoma more common?
Glaucoma can be seen in everyone and at any age; some people have a higher risk of disease.
Those people:
• People over the age of 40
• Patients with diabetes, hypertension and myopia and vascular disease
• Family history of glaucoma
• People with a family history of glaucoma are 8 times more at risk than others.

Ve Control of glaucoma and early diagnosis are very important! “
Today, it is recommended that everyone undergo glaucoma control at least every 3 years until the age of 40 and at least every 2 years after 40 years of age. A patient with a history of eye pressure, It is recommended that patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and myopia and vascular disease should be checked regularly once a year.

Early diagnosis is very important in glaucoma because the disease does not give any symptoms and the resulting visual loss cannot be reversed. The earlier the disease is detected, the less the loss of vision.

”How to diagnose glaucoma?“

A detailed ophthalmologic examination by a specialist ophthalmologist is very important in the diagnosis of glaucoma. In this examination, visual acuity is determined and routine eye controls are performed, as well as the measurement of intraocular pressure, ie, eye pressure. It is also important to control the eye nerve cells with the area in which the intraocular fluid can cause the glaucoma.

Although eye pressure is considered normal up to 21 mm Hg; Values ​​above 21 mm Hg are considered high. Eye pressure for the diagnosis of glaucoma is not the only criterion; Although eye pressure is normal, glaucoma can also be seen in people with sensitive eye nerve.
In cases where eye pressure is higher than normal or normal values ​​and eye nerve is suspected; computerized visual field and eye nerve analysis methods are performed. These tests are important to determine the degree of eye nerve injury and to determine the change over time.

”Treatment of glaucoma“

The purpose of glaucoma treatment; to reduce eye tension, stop eye nerve damage and prevent the progression of vision loss. Methods applicable to this purpose; drug therapy, laser therapy and surgical treatment are divided into three.
Nowadays, the first method chosen after the diagnosis is drug treatment; laser or surgical treatment methods are used in patients who do not respond adequately to drug therapy. However, direct laser or surgical methods are also used especially in cases in which late diagnosis or continuous drug treatment is not suitable.

Significant improvements have been made in drug therapy in recent years, and new drugs have greatly increased the success of the treatment. What is important in the drug treatment is that the patient uses the medicines continuously and regularly. The success rates of the surgical methods used in cases where the drug cannot be used or cannot be responded to with medication is increasing.


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