Ultimate Fails Compilation 2018 Haircut & Ironing Fails




Hair breakage is harder than normal hair breakage in cases of hardness, loss of moisture loss and therefore occurs after losing elasticity. The most practical method to avoid this situation is to go to a doctor and make measurements. Because all parts of our body are connected with each other, the tests to be carried out to determine the possible cause are always the shortest way to solve the problem.

If there is no extraordinary situation in these measurements, which usually consists of conditions such as mineral deficiency / excess due to hormonal or malnutrition, there may be truths you know wrong about hair care. The temperature of the water you wash your hair or the temperature you are drying, the content of the product you use, the hair does not get enough air, is exposed to extremely bad weather conditions, the lack of moisture can be seen as a reason many reasons.

If these ruptures intensify in certain parts, this may also be a precursor to a different situation, and if such a rupture is seen, it may be beneficial to go directly to the doctor, because there may be an outward reflection of another disorder. However, if the ruptures are proportionally in the hair region, it is probably due to improper care.

If the ends of the broken hair is broken, the biggest reason here is the distortions in the nutritional and nutritional habits. In addition, unconscious care cleaning products come to the forefront as a trigger. Frequent replacement of cosmetic products and improperly used products can cause problems that will be problematic.


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