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In recent years, the woman who gave birth to normal birth is almost absent. Cesarean section is seen by most mothers as a practical and painless option. However, cesarean section also has its own risks and should not be applied according to pleasure …
Experts warn: “Cesarean surgery. In this operation; complications such as blood loss, risk of infection, blood clots in the arteries, or blockages of amniotic fluid are more common. tık Nevertheless, mothers generally prefer caesarean to avoid labor pains and get out of labor faster. So in which cases really need to be implemented.

In which cases normal birth is not preferred?

Experts state that caesarean section should be preferred only in risky situations. cesarean section in cases such as triplet pregnancy, the first baby’s butt in the twin pregnancy, the mother’s bone structure narrow, the mother’s herniated hernia, heart disease, high blood pressure, the mother is herpes in the genital region and the viral condition such as HPV. it is. ”

What are the dangers of cesarean?

Experts state that babies born by cesarean may have problems in breathing during the first days. Baby inside a mother’s belly in a fluid. This liquid is entering the baby’s airways. The baby throws the fluid when it passes through the vagina during normal delivery. However, the baby does not have a chance in cesarean section. For this reason, postnatal infant breathing and sometimes even temporarily, even if intensive care may be required. The mother may not be able to feed her baby due to the pain after cesarean section. When the baby cannot be fed sufficiently during newborn period, bowel movements may not be sufficient and jaundice seen in all newborn babies can reach more prominent dimensions.

Don’t be afraid of normal birth

For normal birth, your mother needs to be willing and determined. Many mothers are affected by the negative effects of prejudices in society. It is unfortunately scared by pregnant women. Birth stories are sometimes overrated. Mothers are being dragged into fear by saying ars God will save. Even by the people they do not know. Today, medicine has found a solution to the scaring of mothers. With epidural analgesia (painless birth), mothers are experiencing a much more comfortable normal birth process. The reason why normal birth is more common in Western countries is the more frequent use of epidural analgesia.

What is Epidural Analgesia?

Epidural analgesia is applied to the area where the nerves exit from the spinal cord by local anesthesia. Epidural analgesia can now be carried out without pain in a normal way by describing the application as follows: bil Epidural analgesia at the beginning of the birth of the catheter is placed at the waist. For the administration of the painkiller drug is expected until the cervix opens 4 cm. Patients who have undergone epidural analgesia may not feel a tightness during delivery. However, people who help with birth can observe the time of straining by observing the pains manually or from the monitor. Fakat

Advantages of normal delivery

• The baby is not anesthetized.
• At birth, the baby throws out fluid from the lungs.
• The mother is starting to breastfeed her baby immediately.
• You can be discharged in about 24 hours after birth.
• The mother can return to normal life more quickly.
• Women who give birth normally lose weight more easily.


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