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Psychologists Suggest, Sewing is Happy to Sew!
“Sewing is Happy to Sew!” Singer Turkey General Manager said today that the development of the garment sector remained in the second plan made statements saying.

Of course, this situation was also reflected in the sewing machine sector. Now, sewing has become a trend again as a hobby. Sewing machine sales, which started to lose blood due to cheapness of clothing, women’s business life and shortage of time, have also been revived with the hobby trend. On the other hand, according to the research, sewing has psychological benefits. Sewing; it helps to relax the mind. Therefore, psychologists also advise women to sew. Women who spend just 10 minutes of stitching every day in busy work tempo are very surprised to see how much rest.


Sewing is a nostalgic challenge at first sight, but it is among the most popular hobbies of our day. Sewing your own clothes for sewing machine users becomes a lifestyle by becoming more than a hobby.

According to research, sewing has psychological benefits. There are many different ways to show creativity. One of them is sewing ödül Just like the other hand skills, when you complete your sewing, the feeling of reward in your brain gives you happiness. The majority of sewing spines say they feel “very happy” after sewing. It is also stated that this happiness is caused by the feeling of relief and relief from sewing. Even sewing spines are often more emotionally and mentally relieved than those who rarely do this activity. The person is moving away from her daily hardship by focusing on what she is doing at the time. Therefore, the action of sewing is among the proposals of psychologists.


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