World’s Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wed




There are scientific definitions of overweight being calculated using different parameters.

One of them is defined as being overweight and being over 120% of the ideal weight of the person. Ideal weight is calculated according to the paint. The formula is as follows:

Height 100 – ((height-150) / 4)

Take the example of a person with a height of 1.70 cm. According to this formula, its ideal weight is 65 kg. 120% of its weight is 78 kg.

The ideal weight calculation made by considering only height does not seem very satisfactory. Especially when the subject from the front of the women’s body is 1.70 cm in length 65 kg, I think he will feel a little collective.

Another measurement that is used in calculating the overweight nowadays is the body mass index calculation. The body mass index is obtained by dividing the body weight in kg by the square of the neck in meters. It is an important parameter in terms of revealing body fat with 70% accuracy. According to this index, body weight is evaluated as follows;

· Weak if less than 18.5 kg / m²

· Normal between 18.5-24.9 kg / m²

· Bulk of 25-29.9 kg / m²

· Stage 1 (mild grade) obesity between 30-34.9 kg / m²

· Stage 2 (moderate) obesity if 35-39.9 kg / m²

· 40 kg / m² and above grade 3 (excessively) obesity

In the meantime, each excess weight does not mean overweight. People who develop their body with exercises may have an excess weight due to muscle development. Excessive weight in terms of health, excessive health accumulation in such a way as to disrupt health. For this reason, the excess weight is interpreted together with the amount of fat accumulated in the body. The excess weight of the body, which has accumulated over the body according to the sex and age of the person, is threatening for health. Acceptable limits for male and female fat ratios are as follows;

· In males 15-18% of body weight and 20-25% of body weight in women.

· This rate is 25% in males and 30-35% in females.

The opposite may be the case. A person with BMI 19 gaining weight until a BMI of 24 in a short period of time also means unhealthy excess weight. Therefore, only a limited interpretation is not sufficient.

In addition, there are cases where the person feels overweight, even though the scientific data is within normal limits. Especially in young women, this situation can lead to serious emotional and mental problems. A separate approach is required for those who have developed this style of thinking to protect health.


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