Yemen Girl Who Turned World’s Eyes to Famine Is Dead




Emel of Yemen dies of starvation

The small Emel, a symbol of the persecution suffered by the people of Yemen, who were oppressed by the civil war, Saudi Arabia operations and the violence of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias, could not carry the burden of war further and died in the hospital where it was starved. The photo of her weakened body was published in the New York Times newspaper. Mary Mussey Hussein, the mother of 7-year-old Emel Hussein, who had an agenda in social media and the world press said, “I lost my daughter. My heart was broken. Emel was always smiling”. Mary Hussain, speaking to the New York Times, said he was still worried about his other children.
Officials at the UN-run refugee camp told the small Emel that they gave milk every two hours, but could not save the girl, who suffered from fluid depletion due to pains and diarrhea.
Mother Mary Hussein was also treated at the hospital, because the family of Hüseyin had no financial situation, it was learned that she could not take the small Emel to the UN hospital 25 kilometers away.
In Yemen, which has long stood for political instability and conflict, the Iranian-backed Houthis hold part of the capital Sana’a since September 2014. The Saudi-led coalition is also conducting a comprehensive and rigid military operation against the Houthis in the country.


According to UNICEF, 2.2 million children in Yemen are suffering from acute malnutrition, while some 400,000 are directly at risk of death if they are under 5 years of age and are not treated urgently. According to the UN Food Program data, 2 million parents are facing death due to the shortage in Yemen. In the statement, women who were pregnant or breastfeeding were also in a difficult situation due to lack of medication.


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