What is Amigurumi?
The art of making various toys between knitting crochet and needle technique is called ‘amigurumi’. The word, originated in Japanese, was created by combining the words Ami (knitted) and nuigirimi (stuffed toy).

Which yarn is amigurumi knitted from?
Amigurumi can be made with almost any type of rope, but it will be better if the thread you use is not very thin and it is a wool that will not feather in time. Hairless, cotton wool for babies is ideal for amigurumi. Also, knitting with a rope that does not break easily will prolong the life of your toy.

Amugurimi Bird Making Video

What materials are needed for amigurumi?
If you want to start making amigurumi, you should first buy aluminum crochet and knitted wool, which do not have thick ends, from a shop selling knitting materials. A stitch marker will also be useful, as you will knit by counting a continuous loop. You will need to buy additional ingredients according to the shape of the toy you will make later. You should also have ready-made amigurumi eyes to decorate your toy in more detail, fiber to fill the toy, a finer string and needles for details, and any additional pieces you want to decorate.

How is Amigurumi made?
Basically, you should know how to make frequent needles with crochet knitting. After learning this, you will shape your toy by starting your knitting in accordance with the given recipes, increasing the loop where necessary and decreasing. You can find related videos and explanations on the internet. If you do not know how to needle frequently, our video below can help you.