Hello friends, today I will share with you the recipe of the river doll, which is knitted by the teacher of carnations on youtube, is very sweet, named after him. I knit it was a really cute baby. If you have a girl who likes to play with knitting dolls, I’m sure she will love this baby too.

My previous recipe was cute baby, violet baby, snowdrops baby, crescent babies too. As you know, Amigurumi is a word of Japanese origin. In recent years, it has become a very popular handicraft in all countries of the world. In our country, amigurumi or knitting toy has become a rapidly spreading hobby because it is natural and healthier.

Knit Toy River Baby Recipe
Before buying our recipe, make sure that at least fifty percent cotton is used when buying amigurumi yarn in knitted toys. In Amigurumi dolls, the threads I usually use are cotton gold, gazzal baby cotton, yarn art jeans.

Ropes used in making the river,

Dress, viburnum organica prints

Skin color, yarn art ideal

Hair, yarn art begonia

12 mm eye, white felt, 1.90 mm crochet, beaded fiber amyguri are the materials used in the yarn, crochet, fiber, needle, scissors, these are the basic materials that must be present in all toys.

Amigurumi Terms

Some abbreviated terms used in knitting toy recipes







Arm Making
We continue knitting toys with arm.

We start the 1st row Arm making with 6 frequent needles into the magic ring.

2nd row V.X.V.X.V.X = 9 frequent needles

3rd row V.4X.V.3X. = 11 frequent needles

4th row X.V.5X.V.3X = 13 frequent needles

5th row 2X.popcorn.10X = 13 frequent needles

6. Row 13 frequent needles

7th row 2X.A.4X.A.3X = 11 frequent needles

(8-24) rows 11 frequent needles

With green color,

12 frequent needles in row Blo
row 3X.V.3X.V.3X.V = 15 frequent needles
1 chain, 1 loop shift, 1 chain, 1 loop shift from the bottom of the green with pink thread.

3rd row 4X.V.4X.V.4X.V = 18 frequent needles

(4-7) rows 18 frequent needles

8th row 4X.A.4X.A.4X.A = 15 frequent needles

9th row 3X.A.3X.A.3X.A = 12 frequent needles

10th row 4X.A.4X.A = 10 frequent needles

Foot Making
We went to the foot section of knitting toy making.

Start with green color, pull 5 chains, make 3 frequent needles.

row 5 chain, 3X.W.2X.V = 10 frequent needles, skipping the first loop
row V.2X.3V.2X.2V = 16 frequent needles
row X.V.2X.X.V.X.V.X.V.2X.X.V.X.V = 22 frequent needles
22 needles will be knitted between the 9th and 9th rows.
To make a heel,

10th row 11X. frost. 1 chain. skip the first loop. 7X.A. frost. 1 chain. skip the first loop. 5X. A. Return. 1 chain. skip the first loop. 3X. A. back

11th row 1 chain. 21X. stitch shift C.C

12th row 1 chain. 21X. stitch shift C.C

13th row 1 chain. 5X.A.5X.A.5X.A. stitch shift C.C

14th row 1 chain. 18X. loop shift = 18 frequent needles