About Russian wedding traditions
Before the wedding ceremony, the groom goes to his family’s house to pick up his bride. If the bride is hiding or so to speak, she is detained. The groom is expected to do something to save the bride, answer some questions and traditionally pay a symbolic ransom. The things that can be given can be traditionally champagne, chocolate, jewelry or a small amount of money. This episode is a fun section with jokes and games.

In Russian wedding traditions, an optional church ceremony can also be held. The engagement here is the first part of the traditional Russian Orthodox ceremony. The couple stops at the entrance of the church and is blessed by the priest. The blessed rings are placed in the right hands of the couple. Then, it is proceeded to the original ceremony accompanied by the candles they hold in their hands. Prayers are read. The bride and groom openly declare that they marry their own will and do not promise someone else. They drink wine in sequence from a single glass. The crowns are placed on the heads of the couple.