Image Flowering Tunisian Booties Models and Constructions. Three colorful blue roses, green leaves, Tunisian women’s booties made.

Pattern of flowers, leafy pattern. Quite easily, beautiful and stylish Tunisian work made with knitting technique. Two flowers made to the sides of the path have the same pattern will come to you as a slightly easier model. know the model by following the same loop and pattern.

This beautiful model, which you can see in the video booties video, is suitable for 38 and 39 foot sizes. You can use Tunisian crochet for 2 and a half numbers for the 36 and 37 feet. The materials used in the path are 3 booties. The numbers given in the model description are given in numbers appropriate to the booties string.

Number 3 Tunisian crochet also uses a 2.5 crochet hook to collect the heel and in the edge lace.22 Throw a chain of cream rope and start from the heel side of the boot. Pull the chains neither too tight nor too loose.